What is Technical Assistance?

The National Association of Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies (NACCRRA) defines technical assistance as “an intentional process that uses various strategies over time to improve the quality of a child care program or caregiver”. Basically, it is a service that offers you and your program whatever help you may need in order to provide a higher quality of care, all FREE OF CHARGE. This truly is a service “designed with YOU in mind” so contact TA today!

Services Provided

Technical Assistance provides FREE service in the areas of licensing and compliance issues, children with special needs, and children with behavioral issues, etc. It also helps providers with the Professional Development programs such as Accreditation and Credentialing. Some services offered include:

These services are offered through a variety of formats including over the phone, on-site visits and off-site visits, via email and mail correspondence and may include observation, assessments, support and monitoring.

Contact Technical Assistance

Call and ask for Technical Assistance at 410-288-4900.


Child Care Links Resource and Referral Center for Baltimore County
1101 North Point Blvd Ste. 112
Baltimore, MD 21224

Helpful Reports

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does it cost for T.A. services?
A. All technical assistance services are provided at no cost.

Q. What is a “needs assessment”?
A. A “needs assessment” provides information on the number of established licensed child care that already exists in a zip code. This information helps potential providers and licensed providers know what the competition for child care is in their area.

Q. How much should I charge for my child care?
A. It is your business so you are able to charge whatever you like. However, if you would like to know the average cost of licensed child care in your area and also what most providers are charging so that you can offer a competitive price, call today for the Cost of Care Report information.

Q. What is The Maryland Child Care Credential/credentialing?
A. The Maryland Child Care Credential recognizes child care providers who go beyond the requirements of State licensing and registration regulations. There are six credential levels and four administrator levels, each one recognizing a child care provider’s achievement of a specified number of training hours, years of experience and professional activities which lead to quality child care. Participating providers will complete training in topic areas to develop the knowledge and skills they need to provide the highest quality care for the children and families they serve. Though the Maryland Child Care Credential is a voluntary program, all regulated family child care providers and child care center staff are eligible and encouraged to participate. For more information click here.

Q. How do I become credentialed?
A. To become credentialed you would need to complete form OCC 280/ Maryland Child Care Credential Application, both front and back. Attach copies of professional activity and experience documentation, as required by level. Attach copies of all certificates, transcripts and any other documentation of training completed. Make a copy of the completed application, documentation of training, professional activity and experience for your files. Mail the completed original application and all documentation to: MSDE – Division of Early Childhood Development, Office of Child Care - Credentialing Branch, 200 West Baltimore Street, 10th Floor Baltimore, MD 21201. To download the application click here.

Q. What is Accreditation?
A. Program accreditation is a process by which early care and education programs can significantly improve the quality of the services they provide. In this process, a program voluntarily pursues self-study, program improvement, and external program review in order to achieve and publicly confirm that it meets national or state quality standards.

Q. How do I become accredited?
A. To become accredited, licensed family child care providers and centers would need to contact an accreditation organization recognized by MSDE for more information. For a list of recognized organizations and contact information click here.

Q. What if I have a question that was not addressed above?
A. For any other inquiries, call 410-288-4900 and ask for Technical Assistance.

For a list of Accreditation Organizations Recognized by MSDE click here.

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